Restaurants in Pico, Azores

The ground made of lava, the sun and the dry climate make Pico the orchard of the Azores, where apple and pear trees, damson and peach trees, plum and orange trees flourish and produce sweet, juicy fruits that are taken early in the morning on the fruit boats to the town of Horta by the men and women who sell them there. But it is the figs, with an interior that is as red as rubies, a true delicacy for gourmets, that best symbolize the delicious fruit of Pico.

Restaurante Fonte Cuisine

Restaurante Fonte Cuisine in Pico

Restaurant Fonte Cuisine, known in the past as Hocus Pocus, is an hotel restaurant open to the local community of Pico Island, raised prestigious with its Chinese Food Buffet, every Friday night, an almost mandatory frequency point.
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Casa Âncora

Casa Âncora in Pico

Legendary restaurant in Pico opens again in August 2016. Architecture by world renowned Portuguese architects. Fusion cuisine by a young star chef. With fresh products from local farmers and fishermen and carefully selected wines and signature cocktails from the chef of the bar.

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Restaurante Montanha

Restaurante Montanha in Pico

Beautiful view of Faial, Amazing architectural building work, great decoration, the best view, good wine and great tapas (& the best chocolate mousse ever). A great place just to hang out, alone or with friends, have a cappuccino or a beer, have something to eat or just have a drink after hours.

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