Fashion & Shopping in Azores

Shopping is not one of the main attractions to the Azores; however, they are awash with stores and boutiques selling a variety of local specialties and souvenirs, including handmade clay dishes, vases, embroidery, and lace-woven items. Looks for the Arts and Crafts Seal of Guarantee on ceramic goods to ensure the quality and origin of the product.

The most popular spots to buy gifts like these are found primarily in Ponta Delgada’s Galerias Portas do Mar. The Azores are also famous for pineapples, which can be bought at airports and supermarkets. The archipelago is the only place in the region where tea is grown, with numerous outlets around the islands selling it. Alternatively, visit Sao Miguel’s Gorreana Tea Factory and sample various types and strains. Local wines and cheeses are also available around the Azores, and can be purchased in small specialty shops, as well as malls.

Numerous stores stock a range of attractive wickerwork products, ranging from small baskets to choice furniture, usually made for the outdoors. Straw is a popular material for the manufacturing of Azores goods and some exhibits in Terceira sell interesting creations made from cans, in addition to various other examples of Azorean handicrafts.

Located in Ponta Delgada, the Parque Atlantico shopping mall caters to the everyday needs of most travelers and is a useful spot to pick up clothes, toiletries, and food. It includes well-known outlets such as Zara, Burger King, The Body Shop and Modelo.